Westport tops West Coast in fishing

In a report released by on commercial fishing for 2011, Westport tops the West Coast in the value of seafood landed outside Alaska, and 13th in the nation for volume.

Westport was 16th in the value of fish landed at 61 million dollars last year, increasing its total value by over 20 million dollars. Astoria followed at 23rd with Bellingham in at 36th overall.

For volume in 2010, Westport saw 110 million pounds of fish on its docks, and in 2011 the number increased to 116 million. 3 of the top 5 ports were in Alaska. Astoria came in at 10th overall.

Alaska led all states in volume with 5.4 billion pounds; followed by Louisiana. Washington came in 4th overall with 487 million pounds.

Alaska also led states in value of landings with $1.9 billion. Washington is 4th with $319 million.



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