Westport sea lion problem gets funding for a solution

The California sea lions that call the Westport Marina their home each Summer could finally get evicted.

Marc Myrsell, co-owner of the Westport Aquarium told KXRO that they have been given $10,000 from to work on a solution for the sea lion issue.

The money will be given over 2 years and will is specifically meant for the California sea lions that have been getting “more aggressive” recently. Over 100 sea lions have been counted at the marina over the summer, and next summer that number is expected to be higher.

Myrsell said that the largest problem is that visitors and fisherman have been feeding the animals instead of properly disposing of fish carcasses before they hit the water. The money from NOAA will be used for outreach, flyers, and presentations about the dangers of feeding animals in the marina.

Myrsell said that the award comes after 2 to 3 years of volunteer work alongside his wife Kathryn for NOAA. The couple has worked to save and dispose of animals that have become stranded on local beaches for years. This includes the removal of the whale that washed ashore near in August.

Myrsell said that they are currently preparing the carcass of that whale for permanent display at the Aquarium.

Westport Sea Lions



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