Westport may dissolve their police department

The citizens of Westport had the opportunity last night to hear from Grays Harbor Sheriff about the possibility of contracting with the Sheriff’s Office instead of having a Police Department.

In a special meeting of the Westport City Council, citizens heard a short presentation and were able to ask questions of the Sheriff and Westport Mayor Michael Bruce.

Scott said that he was not there to try and persuade people either way on the subject, and that the amount of a contract with the Sheriff’s Office would depend on how much service the City wanted.

Citizens commented in support of both sides of the issue and shared their concerns with the Mayor and the Council. Sheriff Scott alleviated some concerns by saying that if there was a contract that Sheriff’s Deputies would be assigned to the city and would not be responding from far distances away.

According to Scott multiple other cities in the State, large and small, currently contract with local County Sheriff’s for their police service which provides blueprints for other cities to use if they decide to use the Sheriff’s Office.

No decision was made at the meeting and some council members stated they have a hard decision coming up on the subject.




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