Westport man tased before taking taser from Officer

A Westport Police Officer has a broken hand after an arrest last night.

According to Westport Police Chief William Gibson, Sunday night just before 8 pm, officers got a call about a suspicious man slumped over the wheel of a car. When the officer arrived, he found the man with his wife in the car, going against an active restraining order.

When the officer went to put the 40 year old in custody, he resisted arrest and was tased. During the struggle, the man was able to get the taser from the officer and run into a nearby home. Inside, he threatened residents with the weapon, demanding the keys to their vehicle.

A Ranger joined WPD and they were able to subdue the man, but both with injuries. The Ranger was treated on scene for cuts to his arm, and the Officer was taken to Grays Harbor Community Hospital for a broken hand.

The man is in for Assault 2, Disarming a Police Officer, and Burglary 1.

Westport PD

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