Want to buy an Arby’s or Wendy’s in Aberdeen? You can.

Both the Wendy’s and Arby’s restaurant buildings in Aberdeen are for sale.

Opened in 2016, the Wendy’s restaurant building in East Aberdeen has been listed for sale online for $1,875,000.

The 3,315 sf building is listed for sale as an “Investment”

Opened in October, the Aberdeen Arby’s has been hit with numerous health inspection violations in their first 2 months.

The Arby’s building was officially listed for sale 3 months prior to opening.

Now, the 2,064 sf restaurant is for sale for $2,000,000, also as an investment.

These listings are for the buildings themselves. Both buildings, if sold, would come with long-term leases for the restaurant chains.

Arby’s is listed by Puget Sound Properties, while Wendy’s is listed by First Western Properties.


Wendy’s for Sale Flier

Arby’s for Sale Flier

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