If you plan to visit the Grays Harbor area, you might want to pick up a copy of the new walking path map for the area.

The “Guide to Walks and Trails of Grays Harbor County” offers information on nearly 50 treks, from short urban strolls to hikes in more natural settings. The map covers trails from Capitol State Forest to the Lake Quinault area to the coast.

The free four-color map is available at the Grays Harbor Visitor Information Center in Aberdeen and at the Grays Harbor Tourism office in Elma.

For those folks with vacation homes in the area, this would be a good resource to have on hand especially when visitors are staying there. It’s also good for folks who make day-trips to the ocean, offering more options for activities while in the area.

For more tourism information, go to www.visitgraysharbor.com or call 800-621-9625.



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