With 7 days left in voting, only 18.5% have turned out so far

In the April Special Election, less than 25% of registered voters eligible for each measure have turned in their ballots and have been counted. In public records requested by KXRO, we were able to cross reference voters and locationsĀ to every ballot processed during this Special Election.

4413 voters within the are being asked to continue an EMS Levy for the Department to fund ambulance services. According to the Grays Harbor County Elections Office, 845 ballots have been processed so far for the proposition. Of those, 28 are either deceased or had an issue with their signature. This shows a 19% turnout from early ballots.

Looking at elected officials within the city, only 3 registered voters currently serving as the Hoquiam executive branch (Mayor and City Council) have been processed according to the documents.

A Grays Harbor Fire District #7 levy for $85,000 shows the highest turnout so far, with 23% of registered voters showing processed ballots. The fire district is proposing an $85,000 excess levy for emergency medical and ambulance service within the district. In February 2015, their regular levy passed with a 71% majority.

For the School Levy, only 24 out of a possible 431 ballots have been processed as of now. This is a 7.7% turnout. In 2014, the same levy passed with an 87.5% majority, but if 6 voters had not participated, the measure could not have passed. Grays Harbor County Vern Spatz told KXRO in 2014 that in order to qualify as a valid election, at least 10% of registered voters needed to be counted. Out of the 426 voters in the district in 2014, only 48 votes were counted, showing an 11.27% turnout.

In the School District, voters are being asked to extend their Maintenance & Operations Levy for an additional 2 years, at a proposed $752,800. 194 voters have been counted so far within Grays Harbor, out of 1024 ballots issued. This shows a 19% turnout. RecordsĀ from the 31 voters from were not reviewed by KXRO.

In 2014, 416 total voters participated between the 2 counties that share the school district, showing a 50.48% approval.

In 2013 and 2015, there was over a 47% turnout for similar April Special Elections.

The Grays Harbor County Elections Office says that no new ballots that arrive in the mail will be counted until Election Day on April 26.

These documents do not show any total results or how individuals voted. They show only if they voted.

These figures are based solely on processed ballots as of April 19, and are not reflective of any ballots currently in the mail or waiting to be processed within the Grays Harbor County Elections Office.

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