Voters will be asked their nonbinding opinion in November

Along with candidates local, regional, and nationwide that could shape the future of Grays Harbor, there will be two tax advisory votes for residents in November.

These votes are nonbinding, but are intended to allow voters to express their support or opposition to revenue measures approved earlier this year by the .

Advisory Vote No. 14 focuses on House Bill 2768, which extended the insurance premium tax to some insurance for stand-alone family dental plans.

Advisory Vote No. 15 deals with Second Engrossed Substitute House Bill 2778, which imposed certain limitations on the retail sales and use tax exemptions for clean alternative-fuel vehicles.

The two advisory votes will appear on the statewide ballot in November.

These nonbinding measures ask voters whether they think the Legislature should “repeal” or “maintain” revenue-generating bills that lawmakers passed this year. The Legislature is not obligated to act on the results of the advisory votes. The Legislature used these revenue sources to help balance the supplemental operating budget.

The advisory votes came from Initiative 960 in 2007. This measure required a two-thirds vote in both chambers of the Legislature to raise taxes. While voters passed I-960, the State found thatthe two-thirds requirement was unconstitutional.

2012 was the first year that advisory votes appeared on Washington’s statewide ballot.





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