Vickie Raines announces County Commissioner candidacy

Cosmopolis Mayor announced her candidacy for Grays Harbor County Commissioner last night.

Raines said that that running for the office has been a goal, but she had been waiting for the right time.

Raines said in a statement, ”This is a special time for me personally.” She added that her goal is “to serve ALL the people of Grays Harbor, EVERY SINGLE PERSON regardless of the district in which they live or the political party to which they belong.”

A non-partisan approach to the office was a main focus last night as Raines spoke of her plans. She said that “I believe very little work done by the County Commissioners falls along party lines – and in my opinion these positions should all be non-partisan.”

Raines said the she would use her over 14 years in local government, including 10 years serving as Cosmopolis Mayor, as her resume.

Raines introduced some of her supporters and the team of people assisting her in the election race. This team includes Cosmopolis business owner and former Political Director to Senator Slade Gorton, Kellie Daniels, former CEO of the Tami Garrow, and Westport Mayor Michael Bruce.

Raines will be running to represent District #3, looking to replace Commissioner whose involvement with the Commission has been limited for months due to medical issues.

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