Today’s the day – the statewide drill and coastal warning communications test takes place at 10:15 AM.

Unlike the test done on Labor Day, this will be a full 3 minute test of the  All Hazards Alert Broadcast sirens (AHAB) for all Washington State coastal communities.

The test will begin at with a voice message indicating the test, then the full 3 minute siren followed by another voice test message.

If you have a Weather Radio, that will also test at the same time with the normal weekly test message.

Grays Harbor Deputy Director of Emergency Management says be alert for school children moving along the streets conducting their evacuation drills during the siren test.

is also looking for feedback on the siren test, particularly from citizens who are ½ mile to 1 mile from any siren. Send feedback to GHCDEM@co.grays-harbor.wa.us  Please  include your jurisdiction, the siren location, distance from the siren and if you heard the voice message and siren.


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