Taholah emergency work ends, but more work is needed

In an update from Grays Harbor Emergency Management, Quinault President says that work on the sea wall at is done, for now.

“The Quinault Nation is very grateful to the U. S. Corps of Engineers and all the people, programs and agencies that pitched in to help achieve this. But the work is not done. The effects of climate change continue. The sea level continues to rise. Waves are higher and the storms are more intense. We have to keep working, together, to meet these challenges and find permanent solutions. The slide at Oso and the sea wall breaching at Quinault are just examples of the challenges we have yet to face here in the Northwest. “

This month, the QIN has a meeting planned on April 9 to discuss the master planning for village relocation of Taholah in order to move to higher ground, beyond the Tsunami Zone and flood inundation areas. This will be the kick-off meeting for a 3 year project to plan new neighborhoods for housing, commercial development and public buildings.

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