State funding planned for local airport

The have released their “Gray Notebook” for the next biennium, and announced that 42 grants will be available for public airports throughout the state, as well as funding coming locally.

WSDOT published its quarterly report, the Gray Notebook (PDF 3.9 mb), and told KXRO that airport aid dollars will support grants for 42 pavement improvement, safety, planning and property acquisition projects at 31 public airports.

Funds from the excise tax fees will go toward projects like runway rehabilitation, while creating about 64 jobs and helping leverage upwards of $10.6 million of the $35.3 million in total Federal Aviation Administration funds during the 2015-2017 biennium.

“We are extremely pleased with the progress we made and the support we received in the past year,” said WSDOT Director of Aviation Tristan Atkins. “These funds will go a long way in terms of making much-needed improvements to our state airports.”

Also included in their report was the announcement that in 2015, the WSDOT leveraged $1.3 million in state money to secure $35.3 million in federal airport aid.

The state also received $637,000 from a reallocation in aircraft excise tax fees. This money will go to projects ranging from runway rehabilitation to wildlife hazard assessment.

Part of that money will stay local as $43,600 is allocated for the Municipal Airport.


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