Spokane cleans up their downtown. Could Aberdeen do the same?

A week after the heard complaints form residents regarding the downtown homeless population, the Spokane City Council approved new ordinances last night to give police more authority to maintain order in the downtown area, at the emergency dispatch center and at health care facilities.

The Spokesman-Review says the measures approved a package of five ordinances Monday night to give police more authority to maintain order downtown. The rules outlaw disrupting transit buses, riding a skateboard on downtown sidewalks, failing to remove graffiti in a timely manner, interfering with health care providers, and making non-emergency calls to 911.

The council rejected their proposal to force scantily clad female baristas to wear more clothing.

In public testimony, supporters of the ordinance said it was needed to protect children and keep the city a place to raise families.

The Spokesman-Review reports opponents called the exposure ordinance an example of outdated sexist thinking and a misguided attempt to impose censorship.

The ordinance failed on a 4-2 vote.

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