Snow is possible on Christmas Day

The Department tells KXRO that storms will continue through the week with lots of rain and breezy conditions.

The storm surge Wednesday could bring high surf conditions to coastal areas. The high coastal surf and the projected King Tides could produce minor Coastal Flooding Wednesday through Friday. The Wednesday high tide has the greatest possibility of presenting minor Coastal Flooding to areas along the coast including the Cities of Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosmopolis, , and .

All rivers will continue to run high, however none are expected to reach stage.

There is also a small possibility that areas of Grays Harbor County could be greeted with snow flurries on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because of low evening temperatures just below or near the freezing mark each evening.

Accumulations are not expected to occur, but the flurries could bring some extra holiday joy to all.








12/23               11.8 feet          10:53 am

12/24               11.8 feet          11:43 am

12/25               11.7 feet          12:31 pm



12/23               11.4 feet          10:36 am

12/24               11.6 feet          11:23 am

12/25               11.4 feet          12:09 pm



12/23               10.8 feet          10:30 am

12/24               10.9 feet          11:19 am

12/25               10.9 feet          12:06 pm



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