Short survey could assist in local emergency preparedness

Homeland Security is asking residents from Grays Harbor, Pacific, and other regional counties to take part in a survey to find the expectations of all citizens during emergency and disaster events.

Grays Harbor Emergency Management relayed the surveys, saying that they are 30 questions long and takes 5-7 minutes to complete.

“We are asking for your help. The reliability and significance of data is dependent on the number of residents who take the survey. YOUR PARTICIPATION WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE !”

Scott McDougall Pacific County Emergency Management Director said

“As Pacific County residents this is your opportunity to create change that enhances preparedness, response, and recovery to severe weather and disaster events. Your answers on this survey will enhance the resilience of our entire county. PCEMA is constantly looking for better ways to serve the needs of the community.  Please do not remain silent, take the survey, share your thoughts and opinions.“

Homeland Security Region 3 will be sending the exact same survey to each participating county.

All results will be available for the entire region and for each County.

The results of the survey are meant to identify the emergency and disaster expectations of our citizens living in the cities and counties of our region and to assist in planning efforts.

Grays Harbor County –

Pacific County –





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