Shop with a Cop brings lights and sirens to Downtown Aberdeen

Police from throughout Grays Harbor will be in Downtown Aberdeen Saturday morning, with lights and sirens, but Sheriff says not to worry, it’s for a good reason.

Saturday is the annual “Shop with a Cop”, a day where police officers team up with Grays Harbor to children to take them shopping for Christmas presents for themselves and their families. Before shopping, officers and the children will have breakfast, provided by the Aberdeen Eagles, before turning on the lights and sirens and moving through Downtown.

Scott says that the day begins when officers have breakfast with the children and Santa in South Aberdeen before patrol cars turn on lights and sirens and bring the children through Downtown Aberdeen to Walmart to shop. Agencies from all areas of Grays Harbor will be involved.

According to Walmart, they have donated $2500 this year to Shop with a Cop.


’s Deputy Jason Wecker in 2012 with his shopping partner.


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