Semi trailer hits construction worker

Original Photo property of Cameron Landry (
Original Photo property of Cameron Landry (

A semi’s trailer hit a construction worker south of Aberdeen.

The says a 57 year old Pendleton, Oregon man was heading north on SR 105 about three miles south of Aberdeen at about 10:00am Thursday morning in a 2001 Peterbilt semi that was towing a trailer when he entered a curve in a construction zone.

The State Patrol says he entered the corner at an unsafe speed and the trailer’s brakes locked causing it to jack knife.

They say the trailer hit a flagger.

According to the State Patrol the driver did not know the trailer struck the flagger and he was later located in Aberdeen.

The flagger, a 49 year old Hoquiam man, was transported to the hospital for his injuries.

The accident is under investigation.

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