Seabrook asking for signatures from local residents and changes from Grays Harbor County

A petition from Seabrook is challenging a rate increase for sewer systems within Grays Harbor County.

According to the petition, the County has started considering carriage homes as equivalent residential units, or ERUs, which “effectively doubles the cost for sewer and water utilities for homeowners who own a carriage house at .”

Christine Lewis from noted, “This constitutes a roughly 122% rate hike for us.”

In a document obtained by KXRO, Ordinance 428 added 2 chapters to the county code on June 6; it adds new definitions to ERUs and “accessory buildings”.

The petition states that “While Grays Harbor County and Commissioner Raines have historically been great partners with Seabrook, we strongly disagree with this decision.”

Representatives from Seabrook say that they have set up a meeting with Commissioner and Grays Harbor Public Works Director Joe Seet to discuss the issue later this week.



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