Scammers pretending to be Aberdeen Police

Scammers are calling local homes and pretending to be the Aberdeen Police Department.

In a report, APD says that they received a call from a resident saying that she had received a phone call that showed on caller ID as the Aberdeen Police Department, although with a phone number showing 360-533-1021.

According to the police the woman knew it was not a legitimate call when the scammers asked for her credit card and could “barely speak English”.

“The Aberdeen Police Department would like to assure all of our citizens and community members that we do not solicit by phone. We would not ask for your credit card or any other personal information over the phone. We will not ask you for money or to pay fines or anything like that over the phone.”

They advise anyone who may be victim of scam phone call to protect their personal information, hang up, and call the police department with any questions or concerns.


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