Sam Benn Park receives some negative feedback

The heard multiple complaints last night about activities that have been seen at Sam Benn Park.

April Obi-Boling brought her concerns about what she has seen at the park, ranging from traffic issues to public urination.

The Council responded to the complaints with concern and Parks and Recreation Director Karl Harris said that they have tried different solutions for the bathroom problem which partially stems from closing the restrooms at 4pm, but so far they have had the same results.

Mayor added that they would look into adding speed bumps in the area to keep the park safer from speeders.

UPODATED: 9:05 am

Harris added in a letter this morning to April that “Restrooms are by far the biggest challenge that our department has to deal with.” He said that Sam Benn Park is not the only park with issues, and not the worst that they have to deal with.

He said that City crews deal with vandalism, theft, drug paraphernalia and sex paraphernalia at every location and the City is constantly adjusting their schedule to maintain the restrooms.

Harris reminds residents to call 911 any time you see something illegal going on in the parks.




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