A roundabout is NOT coming to Pacific County in 2017

The plan to remove a light and build a roundabout at the intersection of Highway 101 and SR 6 has hit a delay.

Bids from Quigg Bros. and Rognlin’s were opened on June 7 for the project, but documents show that both bids came in at over $500,000 than the proposed job costs. Those bids were rejected on June 9.

Project Engineer Colin Newell tells KXRO that since the bids came in higher than expected, the “elected not to award the project”.

Quigg Bros. were announced as the low bid on the project that would build the roundabout with $1,421,575 compared to Rognlin’s at $1,475,000.

The Engineer’s estimate is listed as $900,000.

“We are also finding out that most Contractors have their work planned for this summer, resulting in high pricing as seen in the bid. “

Newell says that WSDOT will move forward with planning for a drainage project on US 101 north of the project, and combine it with the roundabout, “with the intent to get more economy in scale, more work thus better pricing”.

The combined projects are now scheduled to go out for bid in December, with construction expected to begin mid-Spring 2018.



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