Roads near Wynoochee Lake will close for the season

Starting October 1, 2017, the Olympic National Forest will close and lock seasonal gates on the south part of the forest.

This includes 2 roads in Grays Harbor near Wynoochee Lake, a road just past the Coho campground at Wynoochee Lake and the road that leads to the Wynoochee Pass Trail. Both roads extend well above the lake.

Included along with the local roads, there will be closures of roads on the Skokomish River watershed.

The roads are closed seasonally as part of an effort between the National Forest and the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

They tell KXRO that the seasonal closures will last through April 30, 2018 as an effort to;

  1. increase wildlife utilization of habitat;
  2. reduce the siltation of lakes and streams;
  3. provide diverse recreational hunting opportunities;
  4. reduce harassment levels on deer and elk; and
  5. increase the escapement rate of buck deer and bull elk.

While the seasonal gate closures will impact motorized vehicles, accessing the roads behind the gates by hiking or mountain biking is still allowed.

For questions, please contact Betsy Howell at Olympic National Forest, 360-956-2292.

Gate Closures:

  • Forest Service Road 2294 – Wynoochee Lake North
  • Forest Service Road 2270 – Wynoochee Falls Trailhead



  • Forest Service Road 2451 – North Fork Skokomish River watershed
  • Forest Service Road 2354 – South Fork Skokomish River watershed
  • Forest Service Road 2353 – South Fork Skokomish River watershed
  • Forest Service Road 2361 – South Fork Skokomish River watershed



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