Quinault Indian Nation continue discussion on local crude oil

The Quinault Indian Nation held a meeting with Renewable Energy Group recently to discuss the future of crude oil projects at the .

Imperium Renewables, which was purchased by REG in 2015, was one of the three terminals proposed at the Port of Grays Harbor to bring crude oil by train.

REG purchased Imperium and stated in January 2016 that they would no longer be looking at crude oil as they pursue an expansion project.

“While oil might be something we get into down the road, whether a big oil company buys us or we think that it’s the right move, it certainly isn’t the right move now.”

REG spokesman Anthony Hulen said in an email in 2016 that the company was looking forward to producing lower carbon, renewable fuel at Grays Harbor.

Qin President said in a recent release that “We felt the purchase helped put an end to the proposal to transport and store crude oil,”.

Sharp said about the meeting with REG, “We believe Grays Harbor is poised and ready to seize tremendous opportunity for growth and economic revitalization.  To achieve that collective goal, we must be unified in our efforts and advance together,”.

In January of this year, the Washington State ruled in favor of the QIN  and stated that the Ocean Resources Management Act applied to the proposal to put any crude facility along Grays Harbor.

The only remaining proposal to place a crude-by-rail facility locally is from Contanda LLC. The and the issued the Final EIS for the project on September 30, 2016.

There has been no official word if Contanda will continue pursue crude oil.


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