PUD warns that scammers are calling businesses again

The Grays Harbor PUD is warning customers that they are once again being told that scammers are calling homes, threatening to shut off power.

In a release, they say that these scam phone calls say that power will be shut off if payments are not made that they claim are delinquent.

They say that their customer service office received over a dozen calls in once day last week from commercial customers reporting they had been contacted by callers claiming to be with the PUD and demanding payment.

“If you receive a call from someone claiming to be with the PUD, call our customer service office to verify your account status before you make any payment,” says Customer Service Director Katy Moore. “These scams only work when people volunteer their personal information.”

Anyone who receives such a call should not make a payment or give access to a bank account or credit card.

They say that customers should hang up, and then contact PUD Customer Service at 360-532-4220 to verify the claim and to contact the office of their local law enforcement agency.



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