Properties in Aberdeen, including a park, will open for proposals and sale

The will sell properties throughout the city, if you have the right plans for the land.

At their Wednesday City Council meeting, a report was introduced and passed to open up discussions on 9 properties that the city owns.

Mayor Eric Larson explained what properties are included;

The park included is located at the corner of McKinley and Arnold, and had already been surplused by the parks board, according to Larson.

In September, the city purchased 7 pieces of land in the county Tax Title sale. The land, including buildings, was listed as worth $108,173, but was purchased for $39,647.

The final property is the land on Market Street near Franklin field that was demolished following a fire.

Once the properties are opened, as Mayor Larson has described in the past, the city would want to ensure that the best possible use is implemented as well as put the properties “back on the tax rolls”.

The report was approved unanimously.


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