Preachers Slough closed for 2 weeks

The Washington State will close Preachers Slough Road off Hwy 107 near Montesano for two weeks beginning today for road maintenance and repairs to the parking area.

The work is part of a 3-year project to improve public access and habitat in the area. DNR is developing a shoreline trail that will lead from the parking area to fishing spots on the river bank. This year, DNR will also install a car-top boat launch for hand-carried boats such as canoes, kayaks and other small boats.

The project supports the public access improvements at the Surge Plain Natural Area Preserve, which is managed by DNR.

The closure will run through May 24th.

Blue Slough will continue closures today to finalize work. The road will be closed today and tomorrow and May 20th through the 23rd, from 7 am to 4 pm, so that crews can finish pre-leveling and sealing the road.


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