Phone scammers pretending to be local businesses to cover criminal activity

A scam phone call reported in East County has the criminals pretending to be from a local business.

Stacey Tobey, Accounting Manager at Vaughan Company, says that scam artists are pretending to be them.

In the statement, Tobey says that she was contacted on Thursday that a Montesano resident received a call that appeared to come from Vaughan.

The caller said victim’s credit card was going to be canceled if they didn’t provide information to get a new card.

According to Vaughan Company, they have no reason to make these calls.

“Vaughan Company has absolutely NOTHING to do with credit cards so this is 100% a scam.”

Vaughan says that if you receive a call that appears to be from Vaughan Company requesting any sort of personal information please immediately hang up.

The calls appear to be similar to recent spoofing scams, where the callers use technology to make it appear that the calls are local to provide a sense of validity.


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