With unincorporated Grays Harbor facing a large rate increase from Lemays Incorporated for garbage and recycling collection, some citizens are asking the Grays Harbor County Commissioners to get involved in the process. The most significant jump would be in recycling rates, which would go from $4.29 per month to over $9 per month. Central Park resident Dan Boeholt questioned the increase and has suggested an alternative to the every two week recycling plan being offered by the company. Boeholt says Lemays officials have rejected that idea, saying the increase will still be necessary due to increases in labor and material costs. Commission Chair Al Carter says the decision is left to the Utilities and Transportation Commission which will meet on December 30th, but they have the option of delaying the increase, something Carter says they should do while the county looks into the recommendation. If approved, this would be the first rate increase of its kind for the county in three years.

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