Pacific County ran checks on underage alcohol sales

Recently, the ’s Office and Long Beach Police conducted their 3rd round of alcohol compliance checks, in conjunction with the Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws grant. The 14 compliance checks took place along the Long Beach Peninsula; there were 10 locations that successfully refused to sell to the underage youth that attempted to illegally purchase alcohol. Unfortunately, four locations did sell alcohol to the youth.

According to EUDL coordinator, Melissa Sexton, “While I’m not pleased to have any sales, I am committed to educating our alcohol retailers. This was the second time in a row that some locations have been issued a citation. I plan to continue offering training on how to properly check ID and can guarantee we will continue performing alcohol compliance checks along the Peninsula. I want to thank those locations that do the right thing by not selling to minors. That is a very important responsibility to keep alcohol out of the hands of our youth.”

Pacific County Health Department wants to recognize the following retailers that did not sell alcohol to our underage youth:

Jack’s Country Store
Okie’s Thriftway
Doc’s Tavern
Gas-N-Grub (Scooper’s)
Short Stop Store-N-Deli
Chinook Country Store
West Coast Spirits
Seaview One Stop
Rod’s Lamplighter
Long Beach Tavern

For more information about the upcoming Responsible Liquor Sales Training or the Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws grant contact Melissa Sexton, Pacific County Public Health Department at (360)875-9343.




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