Pacific County man arrested after stabbing

This week, the ’s Office arrested 55 year old Burton L. Rosgen at the scene of a stabbing incident that occurred in the 25000 block of Vernon Avenue in Ocean Park.

Sheriff Scott Johnson told KXRO that Rosgen allegedly stabbed a 29 year old transient during a dispute at that location. The victim was transported to Ocean Beach Hospital with a severe knife wound to the stomach.

The Chinook Observer said that Rosgen has been arrested numerous times, for alleged infractions including arson, domestic violence, driving under the influence and shoplifting.

In early October, Astoria police arrested a severely intoxicated and agitated Rosgen on suspicion of menacing, disorderly conduct, and trespassing, after he threatened the employees at an oil-change facility.

In 2008, Rosgen was already wearing jail scrubs under his clothing, when police arrested Rosgen on suspicion of shoplifting a bottle of mojito-flavored rum from a Kelso, Wash. Convenience store, according to a Dec. 24. 2008 Daily News article.

Rosgen is being held on $500,000 bail in the Pacific County Jail on a charge of 1st Degree Assault.



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