Pacific County law enforcement reach out to children

Joined by preschool children at the South Bend School District Early Learning Center, Pacific County officers will discuss a report that shows how high-quality early learning lays the foundation for greater success in school and leads to a less crime.

The report highlights significant research documenting the impact of quality early childhood programs on crime reduction.

Law enforcement leaders including Scott Johnson, Undersheriff Todd Fosse, Raymond Chief Chuck Spoor, South Bend Chief David Eastham, and Shoalwater Bay Chief Robin Souvenir will also discuss how providing high-quality early learning will help Washington comply with the State ’s McCleary decision requiring the state to fulfill its paramount duty to amply provide for the education of all Washington children.

The law enforcement leaders will be joined by Senator and Representative .

The Roundtable Discussion will be held at the South Bend School District Early Learning Center May 6th at 1:00 pm.




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