‘Operation Safe Harbors’ brings over 100 arrests in 3 days

Over 100 offenders have been arrested over the last 3 days thanks to ‘Operation Safe Harbors’.

The Grays Harbor, Pacific, and deputies conducted a 3 day enforcement operation, led by the U.S. Marshal Service, which concluded today with over 90 arrests, including 10 sex offenders, in Southwest Washington.

According to U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan, ‘Operation Safe Harbors’ was aimed at locating wanted felons as well as checking the status of registered sex offenders in the 3 counties.

Grays Harbor Sheriff told KXRO that planning for the operation began in December. Originally planned to occur in January, Scott said that they delayed the operation in order to get more information. Their original goal was to get at least 50 arrests.

Over 3 days, 6 teams of officers worked together to identify felons who had active warrants from the various jurisdictions. On the first day of the operation, teams focused solely on Grays Harbor registered sex offenders who had warrants for non-compliance, checking on over 100 Level 2 and 3 registered sex offenders to ensure they were complying with the conditions of their release. These checks also included the collection of DNA samples for the sex offenders who had not yet provided a sample. Out of those checks 10 arrests were made.

Over the following 2 days, officers focused on violent offenders. Over 90 arrests were made and over 125 warrants were cleared. Scott Johnson said that the assistance from other agencies was what made this operation possible.

Along with Sheriff’s Deputies, the Marshall’s Office, and the , the operation also received assistance from local police for offenders in their areas.

Safe Harbors



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