Officials Look at Standoff and Suspect Following Incident

Officials are looking for any information about the man involved in the over 20 hour standoff with police this week.

The standoff began when the man shot a Hoquiam officer as a warrant was being served on him for Felony Fraud and ended Thursday morning when the suspect came out of the home shooting at a tactical unit. Officers returned fire and the man died at the scene as the home burst into flames.

Sheriff told KXRO that with the assistance from other agencies and local police, from a local perspective the incident was handled as planned.

Department heads will get together in the coming weeks to look over the incident to find what can be learned from the entire operation.

The officer involved shooting will now be under investigation by the Critical Incident Team. That report will be moved to the prosecutor to decide if the shooting was legally justifiable.

Investigators believe the name , associated with a driver’s license issued in June 2011 with the man’s photograph, is under a fake name. That name is connected to the address of the Hoquiam home where the shooting and standoff took place.

The man was associated with a felony warrant out of Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office under the name of Rick Marlowe. That name may also be an alias.

Investigators are continuing to follow-up to verify the man’s identity.

Anyone with information regarding this person is asked to call the ’s Department at 360-249-6070 ext 567.



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