Ocosta Elementary will feature vertical evacuation building

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners made a decision yesterday that allowed the School District to do something that has never been done before and it could save lives in the event of a disaster.

Sheriff came before the commissioners and asked for the authorization to be the applicant agent for the Ocosta School Hazard Mitigation Grant. The grant will allow the district to build their new elementary school which will include the first vertical evacuation building in the nation and Scott talked about the positives of the project.

“this would allow students, staff, and employees to evacuate safely in the event of a tsunami by going up rather than trying to get out of the area.” said Scott, “It’s something that will not only bring positive attention to the Ocosta School District and safety to their students but its going to bring a lot positive attention to Grays Harbor County.”

Scott also explained why the project needed to go through his office and said it was due to the Government shutdown, saying that a review of the process needed to be approved, but because of the shutdown, the people who do that are not working.

The commissioners unanimously approved the authorization and commended the project.




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