Numerous Tasers used after man assaults officer in Ocean Shores

A man with mental health issues assaulted a police officer and ended up in the hospital.

According to Ocean Shores Police Chief Mike Styner, just after 3am this morning, Ocean Shores Officers were called to a home in the 900 block of Mount Olympus Avenue SE.

The report said that a man had shown up at the home, but according to Styner, “The caller’s phone was cutting out and details were sketchy.”

When officers arrived, they found a 40 year old man who was “clearly exhibiting mental health issues” and when they attempted to take him into protective custody, he began to fight back and assaulted an officer with a bar stool.

Additional units were called from the ’s Department, Hoquiam, Aberdeen, and Cosmopolis Police Departments.

According to Styner, officers used a Taser numerous times, ”with little or no effect” until the man eventually calmed down and could be taken into custody.

The man was taken to Grays Harbor Community Hospital for a medical and mental health evaluation.

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