New trial for man who shot Pacific County Sheriff

A state appeals court has ordered a new trial for a man who was convicted of shooting Scott Johnson when he was a Washington state trooper at Long Beach.

In the decision Tuesday the court said the Pierce County trial judge erred by selecting alternate jurors during a court recess instead of open court.

The Daily News reports Martin Arthur Jones of Seaview was convicted of attempted murder in 2011 for wounding Trooper Johnson in the head. Johnson was in the process of impounding a car driven by Jones’ wife who was suspected of drunken driving.

In a letter from Johnson, he said “While I find the situation personally frustrating, upholding the U.S. and State Constitution is both my career and a moral calling. No victim looks forward to enduring a long and sometimes painful legal process a second time, but I will again assist prosecutors to ensure that Martin Jones spends all or most of his remaining life in prison.”

Jones had been sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Johnson recovered and was elected Pacific County Sheriff.




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