New test can detect Zika in hours, not days

The US and Human Services recently awarded $5.1 million to Seattle lab InBios International to develop a blood test that would return results in about four hours, reduced from days, and could be used in commercial and healthcare facility laboratories.

This blood test would reduce from days to hours the time needed to diagnose patients with recent Zika virus infections.

“In another example of Washington state leading the way in innovation, it is great news that InBios International, Inc. has received needed funding to help develop a faster test to detect the Zika virus,” Gov. said. “However, much more needs to be done and Congress must act quickly and consider better funding solutions to respond to Zika and shore up our critical public health system.”

Currently, the only test available to detect Zika in people with recent was developed by the CDC and requires two to three days for results and must be conducted in qualified laboratories designated by CDC.

In Washington, 16 people have been diagnosed. None have been from Grays Harbor.


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