New AHAB sirens installed in Pacific County

The installation of two new AHAB sirens at the Raymond and South Bend Fire Departments has been completed. These sirens join numerous others throughout Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties.

Pacific County first saw AHAB sirens installed in October, 2006. Now over 25 sirens are placed between both counties.

Residents will hear the Westminster Chimes during the monthly siren test. In an emergency, information will be passed onto residents about what to expect.

In an actual event, the AHAB sirens will sound a tone for three continuous minutes, and may be followed by a voice message. Emergency Management reminds residents that these sirens are not designed to be heard indoors. Residents are encouraged to use a weather radio, which are tested weekly and can be heard indoors.

Please DO NOT CALL 911 regarding this testing.

What does an AHAB Siren sound like?

During a routine TEST of the system, the siren will play the Westminster Chimes followed by a test message.

Click to play:
Test Chimes

During a tsunami warning, the siren will play a wail sound and a voice message.

Click to play:
Warning Siren

Pacific County AHAB



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