National Trails Day being used at Lake Sylvia to ask volunteers to help the park

Discover Passes will not be required this Saturday in honor of National Trails Day.

Montesano City Forester Loren Hiner told KXRO that Washington and the City of Montesano are inviting people to use the day to visit State Park.

Along with free admission for any residents, the City will be working with any volunteers to work on trails and they are looking for more assistance.

“For those who are able, volunteers will work on some of the trails in the park and the surrounding city forest.   The City of Montesano graciously allows access to many trails in their forest from the state park.  Working on these trails is a way for all of us to show our thanks.”

To assist volunteers, the Friends of Schafer and Lake Sylvia State Parks (FOSLS) will have beverages and snacks at the park.

They are asking anyone willing to help us with “some easy work on the trails” to bring gloves and garden tools.

The free days are in keeping with legislation that created the Discover Pass.

The pass costs $30 for an annual pass or $10 for a one-day permit and is required for vehicle access to state recreation lands managed by Washington State Parks, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife () and the (DNR).

The Discover Pass legislation provided that State Parks could designate up to 12 “free days” when the pass would not be required to visit state parks.

The free days apply only at state parks; the Discover Pass is still required on WDFW and DNR lands.

The remaining 2017 State Parks free days are as follows:

  • June 3 (Saturday) — National Trails Day
  • June 10 (Saturday) — National Get Outdoors Day
  • Aug. 25 (Friday) — National Park Service 101st Birthday
  • Sept. 30 (Saturday) — National Public Lands Day
  • Nov. 11 (Saturday) — Veterans Day
  • Nov. 24 (Friday) — Autumn free day



For more information, contact:

Montesano City Forester   Loren Hiner (360) 249-5424  or:

FOSLS  (360) 789-9953 cel phone or



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