More residents needed for County survey

As of 4pm Monday afternoon, with said that the number of residents who have responded to their Citizen Expectation Survey has reached 576 responses. Wallace said that this is getting closer to the numbers needed for an accurate measurement of the county, but more are needed.

Wallace said that his office needs at least 141 more residents to respond by Sunday to reach 717 total surveys, or 1% of the total population of the County.

Wallace encourages asking your employees, friends and relatives who live in the County to take the survey so that the area is prepared in case of a disaster.

Residents from Oakville, McCleary, the Quinault Indian Nation and the Chehalis Reservation are encouraged to participate in order to give greater meaning to the responses from those specific areas.

The survey is completely anonymous and takes just a few minutes online.

The link to the survey is:



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