Montesano Police stop gas thieves

The Department recently stopped a gas theft ring, before they could continue the crime locally.

Officers got a call after 600 gallons of fuel, 300 unleaded and 300 in diesel, were taken from a downtown Montesano gas station. Officers looked at surveillance video and saw 2 vehicles pull up to the pump with large tanks. The suspects pumped the gas into the tanks, and left the scene.

The same vehicles were seen in town following the theft, and after warrants were issued on the vehicles, one of the suspects admitted that they had been stealing the fuel.

According to Montesano Police Chief , the suspects were able to use a device to trick the gas pump into allowing them to take the gas without paying for it.

Vance commended the officers involved saying, ā€œIā€™m really proud of my guys.ā€

Officers worked with Police to track the suspects back to their homes, and 3 people were arrested.

More suspects could be arrested in connection with the theft.


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