Minor earthquake hits Grays Harbor

A small earthquake in North County on Sunday could be felt throughout Grays Harbor.

The magnitude 3.5 earthquake hit north of Montesano just before noon yesterday.

Deputy Director of Emergency Management said, that it is a “subtle reminder we all live in Earthquake country. Please use this gentle notification by Mother Nature as an opportunity to prepare for a much more significant occurrence.”

Wallace added that “There are numerous fault lines running throughout the region and each year, new earthquake fault lines are being discovered by researchers. The impact from a future earthquake could range from not feeling anything at all, to an event which will create extreme chaos, destruction and casualties. “

The United States Geological Survey said that they received reports of the tremor from Hoquiam, Elma, Ocean Shores, , as well as along the Puget Sound.

Wallace reminds citizens that there is no warning for an earthquake.

“All citizens of the Pacific Northwest must remain aware that earthquakes occur at all times, day and night, weekends and holidays. Having a family plan for natural disaster is paramount for all families. “

For more information about disaster preparedness, contact at GHCDEM@co.grays-harbor.wa.us or (360) 964-1575.


Intensity Map





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