Mickey Mouse will NOT be Grays Harbor County Commissioner

Over 14,000 ballots came in for the Grays Harbor County August Primary. While the vast majority of votes were for candidates looking to move onto the General Election in November, as always there were voters dissatisfied with the options. These voters chose to write a name into the races.

Mickey Mouse and “Nobody” are favorites nationwide for alternate candidates, while Morty the Dog and Cmdr Gregory M Volz are regulars to the local campaigns.

No local write-ins received anywhere near the number needed to show up onto the November ballot, but there were still a few that stood out.

This year, some familiar names showed up on the Grays Harbor County Commissioner #2 race with and Dennis Morisette (sic) both appearing as write ins, although competing with “Darth Roket” and “Starsky”. In the Commissioner #1 race, both and Randy Ross received recognition for the wrong office.

KXRO can only assume that it was a single voter that decided to put “Fox News” for 9 separate races.

Compared to national trends, “Deez Nuts” only received a 2 votes locally, for and for .

Within Washington, for a write-in vote to count, a resident must still file for office on a write-in campaign. While they will not appear on the official ballot, their name will still be counted.


2016 Primary Write Ins



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