Heavy snow and has caused multiple buildings to collapse in Grays Harbor. McCleary Police Chief George Crumb tells KXRO that an annex building used as storage by the McCleary School District looks to have collapsed from the weight of snow. Residents called in to report the collapsed building.

Chief Crumb says that he was able to talk with Superintendent Dan Bolender and was told that the building had been used as storage and recently had an office installed. A wall separated the 2 sides of the annex building which prevented the entire structure from collapsing. McCleary School was closed today due to the winter weather. No staff or students appear to have been inside at the time.

The Fire department has cornered off the area until it can be further examined by school officials.

According to Deputy Director , 16 inches of snow have been reported in the east county area. Due to recent large amounts of snow, collapsing buildings is one of the dangers officials are concerned with as the snow thaws.

Photos courtesy of Grays Harbor Down @mcclearysarah



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