McCleary man dies after methamphetamine use and fighting with police

A 57 year old McCleary man died on Saturday night, after he says that he smoked too much methamphetamine. According to a release, the man knocked on the door of the McCleary Police Department and told an officer who answered that he needed medical assistance after taking too much meth.

Paramedics arrived, and the man voluntarily got into the waiting vehicle and laid down, but while being examined, the ’s Office says that the man became violent, attacking the paramedics.

The McCleary Police officer on scene tried to restrain the man, who “responded violently and continued to kick and punch the officer”, before he got out of the ambulance and standing in traffic.

As the officer attempted to get the man out of SR 108, the man continued to attack the officer and a Taser was used but was not effective.

While officers continued to move the man out of the highway, the release stated that the man appeared to have a medical event and collapsed.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The McCleary Officer was taken to Summit Pacific Medical Center for his injuries.

At the request of McCleary Mayor Brent Schiller and McCleary Police Chief Steve Blumer, the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office was called in to investigate the death.

The investigation is ongoing to include an autopsy next week.

If anyone witnessed the incident and has not been contacted or interviewed by law enforcement, we are asking that they contact Det. Sgt. Darrin Wallace at (360) 533-8765.


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