Marijuana limits in Hoquiam could be decided tonight, pending public comment

The will decide tonight if and where marijuana businesses can be placed within the city limits.

At their City Council Meeting tonight at 7pm, the public is invited to comment on a proposed rule change that would state that “No marijuana business of any kind” can be placed “within one thousand feet” of any single-family residence, church, or retirement home.

This would add to their rules for distance from schools, parks, playgrounds, and other marijuana businesses already in place.

Tonight, the council could decide whether or not to approve the new rules, disapprove, or send it back to the Planning Commission.

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Last month, the voted to make marijuana use and sale illegal within city limits, both recreationally and medically. They stated that concerns at the Federal level were what drove their decision.

A public hearing will be held in Hoquiam before the regular City Council meeting tonight at 7pm.


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