Man arrested in Pacific County in the death of his step-father

A man in Pacific County has been arrested for the suspected homicide of his step-father following an argument over beer.

On Wednesday afternoon, ’s Deputies were called after a resident reported a suspicious person and vehicle near Seaview.

Deputies arrived and talked with the 56 year old suspect. The man told deputies that the vehicle he was in was stolen. Deputies found that the vehicle belonged to a Kelso man.

Deputies took the man into custody while they checked with the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office check to see if the vehicle had been reported stolen.

While deputies investigated, the suspect told deputies that he believed that he had killed his 82 year old stepfather, the owner of the vehicle, and left him inside his Kelso home.

Cowlitz County deputies responded to the home and discovered a body.

The suspect was placed under arrest by Pacific County Sheriff’s deputies on suspicion of homicide and vehicle theft before being transferred to Cowlitz County authorities.




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