A man who has been arrested over 80 times was arrested again

A man with a lengthy history with the police was arrested in Aberdeen.

The Aberdeen Police Department tells KXRO that at about 11:45pm Monday night, officers saw a man that they are familiar with from many contacts.

Police say the man was trespassing in a business alcove in the 200 block of E. Street that is clearly marked with the trespass enforcement authorizations signs posted in the window of the business.

He had blankets, empty liquor cans, bags and miscellaneous trash at the location.

They say that officers arrested him for trespassing.

According to Aberdeen Police this man has been contacted and arrested by the Aberdeen Police Department numerous times since 1992 and he has 428 involvements in the Aberdeen Police Records System.

They say he has been cited 82 times for criminal behavior including trespassing, disorderly conduct, open liquor container in public, and many more crimes and he has been arrested 89 times.



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