Long Beach man arrested after trying to run

A Long Beach man was arrested for attempting to elude a police vehicle.

The ’s Office says that Tuesday afternoon around 3:30pm, a deputy recognized a man driving in the Ocean Park area.

They say the deputy recognized the driver from previous contacts and had information that the driver was wanted by the Washington State for Escape from Community Custody.

The Sheriff’s Office says that when the deputy went to pull the man over, he accelerated instead.

The deputy pursued him for several blocks as he went down several side streets.

They say the suspect turned down a private driveway, accelerating at high speeds, and spraying gravel back towards the deputy’s patrol vehicle.

The deputy lost sight of the vehicle for a short time and noticed fresh vehicle tracks in a yard.

Two citizens standing outside a residence nearby told the deputy that the suspect vehicle had passed their residence at high speed and they pointed out where the man went.

The Sheriff’s Office says the deputy followed the fresh tire tracks and located the suspect vehicle 30 feet down an embankment and the man was running towards the dune grass and the beach.

The deputy pursued on foot and was assisted by officers from the , the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Long Beach Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office.

The 28 year old man was found attempting to hide between two parked cars on the beach.

Two more alert citizens saw him and told officers nearby.

A officer and a WSP Trooper took him into custody without further incident and he was transported to the Pacific County Jail and is being held on $50,000.00 bail.



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