Local voters support Trump & Clinton in Primary

Grays Harbor Democrats are split on Clinton vs Sanders.

Despite the turnout for local and state Democratic caucuses showing support for Sen. Bernie Sanders as the presidential nominee, local voters disagreed.

In the initial local Presidential Preference Primary results released Tuesday night, 51% of residents supported Hillary Clinton as the nominee. 123 voters separated the 2 candidates in the first count of primary ballots, with 49% of voters supporting Sanders.

In the Republican race, any local delegates are obligated to cast their vote for Donald Trump as 85% of local voters turned out for the presumptive GOP nominee. The remaining voters were spread between the other 3 candidates on the ballot, with Ted Cruz showing a slight lead at 5.82%, Kasich at 5.72%, and Dr. Ben Carson gaining 3.3% of the vote.

In early reports, Grays Harbor may be showing numbers higher than many other counties across the country.

In total, over 11,500 ballots were returned by Tuesday’s deadline according to the Grays Harbor County ’s Office, and over 29% of voters with 6,033 Democrats turning in their ballots compared to 5,399 Republicans. The Washington shows a different number, with a 36.4% turnout. It is not known if these are ballots left to count, or which party they prefer.

In Pacific County, the numbers were almost identical to Grays Harbor. 52% supported Clinton to 48% Sanders on the Democrat side, and 83% turned out for Trump.

Statewide, Clinton won 53.63% of voters compared to 46.37% for Sanders. For Republicans, Trump gained 76.22% of state voters, with Cruz earning 10.12% and Kasich with 9.85%.

Washington has both a presidential primary and a caucus system. Republicans delegates are obligated to follow the Primary results and vote for Trump at the National Convention. Democrats will ignore the results of Tuesday’s primary, having chosen to continue to use the party caucus system to allocate their national convention delegates. Sanders won the Democratic caucuses in March.


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